There is lot of waste that is thrown out of everybody homes, kitchens, store- rooms and gardens everyday and imagine all the work that is done by the garbage collector is to collect the garbage in a van and drive all the way out of the city as the beauty of the city should not be destroyed.  What most of the people do not think is that when they dump the waste, they protect the beauty of the city but what about the pollution that is spread from the outskirts of the city that travel in again in forms of toxic waste in water, air and other sources. If you want to become a responsible citizen, then you must become aware of the different types of harms that you can face if you are careless and dump the waste wherever and without any responsibility.  Here are few of the methods given below which you may follow if you care about nature and the environment you live in and want it to change for good.

•    APPROPRIATE DISPOSAL :- Make sure that you dispose of the waste to the right place. If you have the waste of the toxic chemicals, acids, and other acidic stuff make sure that you do not flush it or throw it just anywhere as if your town does not have the proper disposal facilities, the chemicals may get mixed with underground water and other liquids and destroy the environment. So, be a responsible citizen and dump away such wastes to some far off places away from moveable water sources that it does not harm you and nature.garbage disposal cleaning

•    RECYCLING :- Recycling is also a smart way to get rid of the wastage and that also without harming the nature. You just need to reuse the things that you think can be used again like plastic bottles etc. if you do not throw them away, it will help in protecting the environment and make it less toxic.

    LANDFILL :- The garden and the kitchen waste can be reused by making it fertilizers; you just need to dump away from the leftover peels of the food from the kitchen and also your garden waste from the garden.  Afterward, you can use it as the fertilizers.  It will get decomposed and can be used as manure afterward for the better health and growth of the plants.

•    MEDICAL WASTE DISPOSAL :- The medical wastes can also be harmful, so make sure that you dump the medical waste as prescribed by the manufacturer or the pharmacist. If the medicine is harmful, then it can have the harmful effect in the place where is thrown after use, apart from that the used injections and medicine bottles are also something that must be dumped carefully.

So, always use garbage disposal which grind your waste into small pies and protect your home and environment these are some of the things that must be considered while dumping the hazardous wastage. If you follow the steps mentioned above, then you will be able to protect your nature and environment.

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