Types of wood splitter and their working process

Types of wood splitter and their working process

In the last few years, the price of gas and oil have reached to an all-time high value, and this has led people to seek for alternative means of fuel. Of these, the cheapest and convenient fuel that has got popular is the “firewood”. Apart from cooking, woods are also used to heat the rooms during winter, for making log furniture, craft build-ups and much more. For all these purposes, the wood has to be cut into specific sizes and here lies the importance of a log splitter.

Wood splitter: More than just a machine

The wood splitter is something more than a mechanical axe. It makes the tedious task of cutting logs easier and safer. There are mainly 3 types of log splitters available in the market. The type which you need to opt depends primarily on your need, frequency of usage and the budget with which you need to go with. The manual log splitter is the most inexpensive type, while electric log splitters are available at an average rate which is affordable to the common man. Gas log splitters are highly expensive.gas wood splitter

Manual wood splitters: economic and easy-to- use

Manual splitters can be purchased either in the horizontal or vertical model. It is powered by two-speed pumps and aid with around ten tons of splitting capacity. It is highly cost effective and easier to carry due to its light weightiness. Still, there are some disadvantages for these splitters. They are physically demanding up to a certain level and is slower to load the logs.

Electric wood splitters: another good option for common man

We can use these types at the indoors without much difficulty. It does not emit harmful gases and hence is safer to use. This is a major benefit of electric log splitters over the gas splitters and the splitting capacity is much larger than the ordinary manual splitters. This will work with a 120 voltage outlet and is grounded well to prevent the overloading of electric current. This is easier to use and is portable than most type of gas log cutters. On looking to the drawbacks of electric log splitters, it is seriously noted that they need an electrical circuit which is not always an

option while we work in the field.

Gas powered wood splitters: Most powerful option for your need

Gas powered cutters have an enormous splitting capacity of around 38 tons and can easily cut large and most knotty logs. A trailer hitch is commonly available for many of the gas log splitter models to move them from one place to another. one of the major disadvantages of this type is its higher price which makes it less affordable for ordinary men.
wood splitter purchase: Make the best choice
Though log splitters are available locally in the hardware stores, an online purchase can be more economical so go to log-splitters-reviews.com and purchase the best wood splitter for your home. Consider the best option for the type you choose as more weighted splitters can cost you more to ship.

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